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The 350 acre Davey Estate vineyard is located in the Willunga Basin at the southern end of the acclaimed McLaren Vale wine region in the State of South Australia. Brothers Kym and John Davey planted and nurture their family-owned and sustainably managed estate vineyard on land their grandfather purchased in 1959. Their goal is to produce high-quality wines from select vineyard blocks through careful, hands-on vineyard management. Modern viticultural practices that minimise soil disruption and encourage a balanced environment are used. Superior fruit is grown by managing canopies, hand-pruning, precise deficit irrigation and integrated pest management.

The soils across The Davey Estate are highly carbonated grey to red clays of low to medium vigour, ideally suited to the production of richly flavoured and textured red wines. Irrigation is used when necessary to maximise quality and is essential during periods of excessive heat. The Davey's are proud founding partners of the Willunga Basin Water Company that brings sustainable, reclaimed water to the district, greatly relieving pressure on underground aquifers and mains water, ensuring the future of The Davey Estate and McLaren Vale.

70 per cent of the vineyard area is planted with selected clones of Shiraz, with the balance of plantings including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Semillon. Rows are planted north to south to capture maximum sunlight. Vines are trained "one up - one down" to cover 3m of cordon wire. This reduces shoot crowding and controls vigour, resulting in balanced canopies. Spacing is 1.5m between vines and 3m between rows.

A modern, but minimalist, approach to crafting the wines is taken. Respecting the fruit is crucial. Small batch open fermentation, gentle handling, pressing and maturation result in balanced, food friendly wines, expressive of their terroir and variety.

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