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Shingleback's UNEDITED Shiraz is part of the new regional initiative “McLaren Vale Scarce Earth” which was launched in 2011 with wines from the 2009 vintage, involving the release of selected single block McLaren Vale Shiraz wines which highlight the distinctive sites of the region. After facing 3 separate tasting panels, wines from 17 wineries make up the 2009 selection - the grapes come from a single block, rather than single vineyard, the vines must be at least 10 years old & the winemaking style is one of minimal intervention to highlight the site expression.

石龙子酒业的 UNEDITED 西拉葡萄酒隶属一个当地行业倡议“迈拉仑维尔的珍贵土地 (McLaren Vale Scarce Earth)”,该倡议始于 2011 年,首次推出的是 2009 年的葡萄酒,包括了迈拉仑维尔产区甄选的单一地块产出的西拉,将该产区的独特风格呈现于世人。在历经三轮严苛的专家品尝评审之后,来自 17 个 酒庄的葡萄酒成为了 2009 年的最终赢家。葡萄果实必须来自单一地块,而非单一葡萄园。葡萄树必须树 龄在 10 年以上,酿酒风格必须做到最少量的人工干预,从而彰显该地的特色。

D Block

Named for the Davey Block of the Davey Estate vineyard, these wines are John Davey's personal expression of the McLaren Vale and showcase the best Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that the region is capable of producing. True reserve wines, only made in exceptional vintages.

以戴维庄园葡萄园的戴维地块 (Davey Block) 而命名,该系列葡萄酒是约翰 •戴维对于迈拉仑维尔风格的个人诠释,向世人展现当地出品的西拉与赤霞珠的尽善尽美。实实在在的珍藏级别葡萄酒,仅挑选优秀的收获年份酿造上市。

Davey Estate

Shingleback has long produced estate-grown wine under its familiar white label. From the 2010 vintage onward in the new, contemporary, silver package, this designation is proudly declared on the front labels, underscoring the inherent value and quality of these wines. “Everything we do in the vineyard is aimed at giving our customers around the world a great experience, bringing a sense of the time and place that is each unique vintage at The Davey Estate, McLaren Vale,” says John Davey. “We take a modern but minimalist approach to crafting our wines using small batch open fermenters, gentle handling, pressing and maturation that respect the fruit, which results in balanced food friendly wines, expressive of their terroir and variety.

石龙子酒业酿造庄园种植、白色标签的葡萄酒系列的历史已经非常悠久。从 2010 年开始,采用了全新时尚的银色包装,在正面酒标处自豪地展示,且向世人宣告该系列葡萄酒矢志不渝的价值与品质。“我们葡 萄园的一切工作都旨在为世界各地的品酒顾客们献上最完美无瑕的体验,给他们送上年年各异的迈拉仑维尔戴维庄园的时空故事,”约翰 •戴维描述道,“我们采用了现代化,最少干预的方式来酿造我们的葡萄酒,使用了小批次开放式发酵池,轻柔地处理、压榨与成熟,尊重葡萄果实,从而酿造出可以与美食完美搭配的葡萄酒,真切诠释了风土和品种特质。


The Shingleback wines are hand-crafted primarily from the Davey Estate vineyard and are made in a style that expresses the essence of McLaren Vale. These wines are lush, fruit-forward and food friendly, both appealing on release and worthy of cellaring.

Shingleback 葡萄酒主要来自戴维庄园,全部手工酿制而成,其风格能够完美阐述迈拉仑维尔的精髓魅力。该系列葡萄酒醇美奢华,果香四溢,能与美食相得益彰。既能够即刻享用,也值得长期窖藏。

Davey Brothers

Meet Red Knot's Big Brother". Crafted from Shiraz grown across the Davey Estate Vineyard, the Davey Brothers Shiraz is an outstanding wine at an accessible price, reflecting the lifestyle of McLaren Vale - vibrant, colourful and welcoming.

Red Knot 葡萄酒的老大哥”。精挑细选自戴维庄园的葡萄园,倾情手工酿造的西拉葡萄酒。Davey Brothers 系列的西拉质量出众,价格亲民,着实体现了迈拉仑维尔的格调—活力四射、缤纷精彩、热忱友好。


The name "Haycutters" refers to the history of the Davey Estate vineyard; previously the block was used to grow hay for Kym & John's grandfather, Gordon Sharpe's, dairy herd. The high calcium soil that was excellent for raising strong, young heifers is also ideal for growing vines.

Haycutters”这个系列名称反映了戴维庄园葡萄园的悠久历史,这片土地曾经是金•戴维与约翰 •戴维俩兄弟的祖父 Gordon Sharpe 的名下地产,种植干草用于喂养祖父的乳牛群。含钙量极高的土壤不仅适合小母牛的茁壮发育,也非常适合葡萄树的健康成长。

Red Knot

The Red Knot family of wines are designed for immediate enjoyment, full of ripe, fruit driven flavours. The style is bright, fragrant and varietal with the emphasis on fruit richness, giving the wine lover a delicious wine experience at an affordable price.

Red Knot 系列葡萄酒适合即刻饮用,由成熟甘美的水果风味领衔。其风格明艳动人、香气幽雅,彰显品种特色,并且水果般的浓郁尤为出众,是一款令人无法抗拒,又能负担得起的葡萄佳酿。

The Gate

Big and bold, this is a seamless, age-worthy wine meant to push the limits of Australian Shiraz. Winemaker John Davey's aim is to use premium fruit from the family estate vineyard to produce a rich, complex wine that represents the best characteristics of McLaren Vale Shiraz. The Gate is a "winemaker's wine".

风格大气明艳,巧夺天工的酿制,随着岁月流逝慢慢释放其精华,堪称澳洲西拉葡萄酒的超越巅峰之作。酿酒师约翰 •戴维的目标,是采用家族庄园葡萄园中最上好的葡萄,来酿制一款浓郁复杂的葡萄酒,能够代表迈拉仑维尔的最精髓特色。The Gate 葡萄酒不愧为“酿酒师的倾情之作”