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The VIP Tour and Tasting offers exclusive access to Shingleback's Kitchen Garden Mataro vineyard, together with a visit to the historic Tasting Room and a comprehensive tasting in the private cellar.

Wander in-between the rows of the Mataro vineyard. Soak up the history of the Davey family and their connection to the region as you walk through the fruit, feel the pride they have in their past and their hopes for the future. Then, finally, settle downstairs in the private tasting room to enjoy a range of Shingleback premium wines, including of course D Block Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon, The Gate and Unedited Shiraz.

Available Thursday & Friday 10am & 2pm
Saturday & public holidays 10am 

For all details and pricing regarding these tours please contact or phone (08) 8323 9919. These VIP tastings can be run in conjunction with our WineFood luncheon to offer a great day and experience here at Shingleback.

Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 people
A 50% deposit is required on confirmation of the booking

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